Health and Education Resources for Women Veterans

HER Map: San Antonio HER Map: Women Veteran Groups and Advocates HER Story Map

HER Map: San Antonio shows health and educational resources for women veterans in San Antonio, while HER Map: Women Veteran Groups and Advocates is a nationwide listing of women veteran groups, advocates, and women veteran state coordinators. HER Story Map shows the results of research done on spatial accessibility of women veterans to Women's Health providers.

Interactive Mapping Interface

HER Map provides a clear mapping interface in which users can easily see and filter the type of resources relevant to their needs.


HER Map works on both desktop and mobile browsers.


Coming soon! The HER Map app will be available for both Android and iOS devices.


Please fill out the user experience survey! I will use your feedback to make improvements on HER Map. The first 50 participants will get a $5 Amazon gift certificate. You must be a woman veteran to fill out the survey.

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